My Simple Say of the Day

28.08.2020: The ongoing coronavirus crisis – already marking the beginning of the end of the Western civilization as we still know it today – shows how ignorant and therefore vulnerable the capitalist world is, when actually confronted with the overwhelming force of communism.
Global nationalisation will come next, bringing to an abrupt end both the genuine market economy and the simulated market economy (which was only temporarily implemented, exactly in order to put an end to the genuine market economy – by helping to buy the assets of a capitalist world that proves to be too greedy for printed money / as if it does not have its own money printers).
At that point, occupation will be a fact – and the very strong effects of the Covid-19 pandemic will prevent the occupied world from opposing its occupation.

31.12.2019: Life ends when you stop living it. Happy New Year!

04.12.2019: Life, just like humans, has only one sincere face. When it smiles at some, it turns its back to others. (A two-faced life? Hazardous...)

24.11.2019: More and more film festivals are mainly selecting and awarding film trends rather than films, forgetting the need of progress and only confirming existing creative patterns (the innovative value of which, even if important at a certain point, can of course not remain eternal).

09.11.2019: A historical paradox: The Berlin Wall was built in 1961 in order to prevent East Germans from escaping to West Germany. 28 years later, its function was terminated for the same purpose – to prevent East Germans from escaping to West Germany (only this time not by directly trying to cross the border which was dividing Germany, but by taking a touristic detour through Hungary – the first communist country which opened its border to capitalist Western Europe).

05.11.2019: There is no smoke without a fire. But fire without smoke? Welcome to the digital era!

03.11.2019: Observe how people acting in films made in dictatorial systems many times speak and behave like depersonalized robots, as if they were programmed to act like that. Significantly, the screenplays are also standardized (like some kind of indoctrination texts), and such films generally never have any problems with the dictatorial censorship (since most of them actually are just parts of the dictatorial propaganda).

02.11.2019: Only frivolous mentalities transform value into a matter of taste.

01.11.2019: I am always impressed by the sincere look in the eyes of all animals – foxes and snakes included.

31.10.2019: It is very difficult to explain democracy to someone who has not experienced it.

30.10.2019: A sinister joke of everyone's destiny is that death is the only sure thing we are allowed to know about our future.

29.10.2019: In my childhood, sitting and watching the white cinema screen before film projections was a magical wait always filling me with most wonderful expectations.

28.10.2019: It is very difficult to explain dictatorship to someone who has not experienced it.

27.10.2019: Creativity is a matter of talent. Creation is a matter of conscience.

26.10.2019: Art film is the truth. Commercial film is the truth on the taste of the audience. Propaganda film is no truth.

25.10.2019: If you really, really understand everything, depression is unavoidable.        

24.10.2019: Talent is given, not taken!